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In a world that is still green.

July 21, 2010


Taken with Nikon F2, 55mm Micro-NIKKOR-P.C f/3.5, Kodak Gold 100

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Tim Tam Tan Tien

July 2, 2010

Ahhh  FINALLY!!!


After almost a month and a half of long grueling wait (by demand: Tan Tien Flex 2 was out of stock)… My new Loaded Tan Tien arrives! via Johnny Air ordered from SoCal SkateShop.

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Ni Hao Guangzhou

June 15, 2010

你好! (Ni Hao)

TMP-04252010_MG_6639a copy

TMP-04252010_MG_6635a copy

Why did I ever find myself in mainland china? in search for the best spicy beef noodle soup? authentic dimsum? yang chow fried rice? siopao? green tea? I got to tell ya the food was excellent but that wasn’t why I came to China… not really… Truth is, I went on this trip just to have some alone time, experience traveling solo on a foreign land where nobody knows me and having not to speak any word of their language. Also on my agenda is to take photos and update my frequent flyer program…

so here we go… sightseeing the new world China…

TMP-04252010_MG_6731a copy

TMP-04252010_MG_6725a copy

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FLOW SurfYogaSamba weekend retreat

May 1, 2010

I’m back! sorry for the very much delay on updates and photos as I’ve been so busy with summer… Summer can only mean 3 things for my métier: swimming, swimming, and more swimming….

So, Where was I? I did get a chance to shoot an extraordinary “retreat” a couple of weeks ago… I’ll get to the photos shortly, but wait a second, what’s so special about this particular “retreat“??? “retreat” by definition can have several meanings… In the military, it means an act of moving back or withdrawing from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or defeat. “retreat” likewise means a change in one’s decisions, plans, and attitudes due to criticism by others. Lastly, “retreat” also means “to withdraw in a secluded place where it’s quiet“.


This “retreat” I’m talking about is different from any other “retreat” we all know. Yes, It’s a “retreat” where you want to withdraw and get away from the bustling city, the stress of everyday life, and get far far away from the harmful pollutants/pollution we are so used to in the city and re-connect with nature. Yes, it’s also a “retreat” where you can find a place to decide? maybe a major aspect in your life, a change in your game plan? hhhmmm that being said, this “retreat” is all of those + a heap-load of jollification processes that you yourself will benefit from. The endorphins will surely surge your system into a blissful happiness that you’ve always wanted in a “retreat“.


FLOW SurfYogaSamba is a union of Monica, Noelle, and Denise’s (organizers) brilliant ideas brought together by passion and unselfish act of teaching what they l♥ve and actually have a great deal of fun doing it. By the looks of their title you can tell that you’ll totally get “stoked” because there’s some Surfing
TanMan-FLOW-0008_MG_4600a copy

TanMan-FLOW-0002_MG_4594a copy

TanMan-FLOW-0009_MG_4601a copy

TanMan-FLOW-0377_MG_4969a copy

refreshed” because of the healthy dash of Yoga

TanMan-FLOW-1806_MG_6397a copy

TanMan-FLOW-0925_MG_5516a copy

TanMan-FLOW-0950_MG_5541a copy

TanMan-FLOW-1851_MG_6442a copy

and “pick up a beat” because there’s a dancing dose of Samba

TanMan-FLOW-0737_MG_5328a copy

TanMan-FLOW-0669_MG_5260a copy

TanMan-FLOW-1626_MG_6217a copy

TanMan-FLOW-1525_MG_6116a copy

FLOW SurfYogaSamba is not just that…

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Advertisement: Summer Swim Camp

March 23, 2010

Goodsummerday to you!

CAL Swim School is inviting everyone to join our various summer learn-to-swim & training programs officially opening on monday APRIL 5 2010 (YEY!!). The swim camps will run thru for 8 weeks and will conclude on MAY 28 2010, just before the new school year begins… Anyway, Our summer is just beginning and we’re already hearing a big buzz about how everyone is having lots of fun over at Quezon City Sports Club Summer Swim Camp.–more on that story soon, I promise.


As expected, temperatures around the Metro will continue to rise, our days will be longer, and berrr-months breeze will be/if not already replaced by scorching heat-waves. The question is: “what are you going to do about it?”–We can tell you a lot about why swimming is important and why it’s good for everyone but we’re not going to bore you with the millions of facts available right now. The reason you are reading this is that you are maybe looking for a swimming program that will cater to your needs, may it be a Learn-to-swim, Fitness swimming, or Competitive training for kids and adults… then Viola! We at CAL Swim School is dedicated to teach, motivate, coach and make your summer a fun and exciting experience…

2010 Summer Swim Camp Blog Photo 01

2010 Summer Swim Camp Blog Photo 02

2010 Summer Swim Camp Blog Photo 03


CAL Swim School has been conducting swim camps and learn to swim programs since 1999 all over Metro Manila. We pride ourselves in teaching basic and competitive swimming as a great and fun life experience.

This Summer, Choose the best and most convenient site for you and your kids. Feel free to call our Hotline: (02) 387-1424, or email us: for suggestions, comments, and rumpus about CAL swim school…

View & Download
Location Venue Address & Map Flyer\Details
Makati City Makati Sports Club Here Here
Marikina Filinvest East Homes Here Here
Pasig City Renaissance Fitness Center Here Here
Quezon City Quezon City Sports Club Here Here
Quezon City Celebrity Sports Plaza Here Here
Quezon City Ayala Heights Village Here Here
Quezon City Ateneo de Manila University Here Here
Quezon City Casa Milan Neoplitan Village Here Here


so “Be fit, be cool, enroll & have fun at CAL Swim School…”

See you all there!

Thank you for my sweet surprise!

February 25, 2010

TMP-12132009_MG_1048a copy

Yesterday I got a sweet and peanut butter crunch flavored surprise…

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L♥ve for photographie is timeless.

February 24, 2010

I remember when I was younger (some 20+ years ago)… One of my favorite past time deed was looking at our family photo-albums. It was readily available for viewing in our small library. I lved viewing it, in fact I view them over and over again: before taking a nap, when I get back home from school, and whenever I remember that it was the time of day to view the albums.

Vintage Favorites-060a

(My brother in his bicycle under the rain with his helmet and underwear only…) PRICELESS!

My family lves taking pictures! We have thousands of carefully albumed photographs, 11,590 + to name the ball park. My mom and dad had an idea of scanning every photo album we had with their new canon scanner, 11,590 + photos! amazing isn’t? I uploaded everything HERE!

Anyway, a few days ago I started viewing them once more–one photo at a time in my apple notebook. I felt like a kid again… with just an advance viewing technology. hahaha! And for some sentimental reason, I was on a high! It felt good! I felt happy! I felt nostalgic! and yes, I felt lve!

Vintage Favorites-182a

Vintage Favorites-179b

Vintage Favorites-034b

Vintage Favorites-059b

I must tell you, some of the photos were real amazing photos… What made the photos amazing?

you got to see this.

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